Welcome to City Drywall Projects Ltd

At City Drywall Projects Ltd, we are dedicated to providing high-quality drylining and suspended ceiling installations.

We utilise our team of interior specialists to meet project demands and save our clients valuable capital.

With our team of experienced professionals, we ensure top-notch craftsmanship and timely completion of projects. Whether it's new installations, or renovations,

we've got you covered.

On time and under your projected budget.


Our main service offers are the installation of drylining, suspended ceilings and finishing packages.

However, this is not limited to basic tasks.

Our team are very well timeserved and knowledgeable in the industry niche, and are able to execute some of the most detailed and intricate designs.

Our team has experience in all manner of project descriptions including music recording studios, nuclear facilities, property renovations/redevelopments, hospitals, schools and much more.


Our people LOVE what we do.

We are a passionate, focused and highly driven team.

We care about quality above all. And are able to consistently produce our work at high volumes without compromising on standards.

We have a "can do" attitude and the ability to maintain composure and performance in even the most challenging working environments.

Our project management team are also the men on the tools. We are able to be on site, live at all times with immediate availability to overcome challenges and enquiries.


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Get in touch with us for enquiries, proposals, tendering and engagements.

We are here to provide our clients with the most competitive prices, on the highest standards of workmanship.


Office 099, Cavell house, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 1YE.

TEL: 01603 363602


Norwich City, England